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2010 viola
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Diana Adshead Spain 2011
Dr Rolf 2010 Germany
Dr Thierry Poirot - USA - Summer Palace - Beijing
George Sanders UK 011
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Jonathan Slack - UK
M Pyne USA b-laika 1992
Mark Quitan - Hawaii
Michael Burns USA 2011 Score
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Customer comments

May 2018
From: Seiji Kakumura, Japan
Today, I received a truly heartted " b-laika 2394".
How can I express it ?
Before the beautiful design, perfect work in front, I am immersed in deep emotion.
I will give you a blessing tribute to your noble spirit and honest skills. Your works is my treasure.
From now on, please cherish your body, please make a nice piece.
And please bring happiness to people.
This time, thank you very much, again.

September 2016
From: John McLeod
The collar studs came today -- thank you very much! If such things can be called beautiful, these qualify. I put them on my old bag today and they almost restored its youth -- no, that's going too far ;-)
I continue to be amazed at the craftsmanship, materials, and design of your and Nigel's bags. They have that rare combination of understated, functional elegance that is so hard to find. The weight and feel of the leather is perfect. Same for the canvas. They're comfortable to carry and work as photo bags or 'whatever' bags. They're expensive but fairly priced given the quality and attention to detail. And you keep making them, no less!

September 2016
From: Andrew
You probably don't remember me, but way back in 1990 you very kindly gave me a Fogg bag to take with me on a trip to Africa. The trip came and went - and it was just amazing - but the bag stayed. And stayed some more. It's still with me. The contents have changed too, now holding a monochrom as I've only recently given up film.
As for the bag? Well, a couple of scuffs and a few stains but that's about it. Its astonishing frankly for a bag that is now 26 years old. More remarkable too, that your bags are often described as classy, minimalist and expensive. Almost a style item.
From personal experience, may I add "tough as old boots", "ever more stylish with age" and "shows no signs of giving up the ghost"
In short, a thank you. It's still going strong and has been the accompaniment to many great adventures.
I hope all continues to go well with you all in France.
Best wishes and if you can let me have an email address, I can send you a picture.

September 2016
From: Robert Edler
E Flat arrived today - GREAT BAG! - really a compliment to the B. MACS that fit beautifully:
IPAD PRO with Keyboard Cover and Safety Case! A4 Size
13” MAC Book PRO Retina
Both fit front or back perfectly - height and width…

June 2016
From: Mike Greenwood
Hello Nigel
Thank you for your email with suggested treatment for the leather – how did you know I had a tin of Dubbin in the house?
I have now treated the leather and it has improved the appearance and suppleness so thank you.
I am sure I gave the bag some hide food years ago but as you rightly observed it needed doing again. It is a magnificent camera bag system – with superb detailing and finish.

April 2016
From: Gerald Fischer
i recently bought an old fogg bag. the model name is bee with the number 149, the velcro does not work anymore also not the pushbutton. otherwise its a really great small bag.
i use it for my mamiya 7iii plus flash. very small compact and with the camera and flash still very light. i lvvve your bags. i also own two other little bit bigger fogg bags. one of them is black. could i send you photos of my 3 fogg bags to date them. thank you very much. i would need an email address to send photos. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH GREAT LITTLE JEWELS
brgds gerry

March 2016
From: Ted MacDouall
Re: fogg: selling your BASS
Hi Bee
Thank you so much for passing on your friend’s reply.
It has at least given me an idea of what this marvellous bag is actually worth.
And yes I will probably keep it. After some consideration it is probably the best place to store some older Nikon bodies and lenses that I am reluctant to sell.
It takes up little room and can be stuffed into an odd corner.
If I do decide to sell I will put it on eBay UK but not bother with International shipping.
It can be too much of a hassle to be honest.
Once again I thank you for your excellent product which I bought second user in 2002 from a gentleman in Sheffield, who was selling a Nikon and some lenses.
It was worth the drive all the way from London.
Kind regards
Ted MacDouall

October 31, 2014
From: Charlie Crane
To Jack at Robert White
That’s amazing Jack, thank you.
By the way, I absolutely love the bag. It’s so fantastic, I now want to use it as my everyday bag as well. Do they, or would they make a divider so i could put my laptop in it?
I can’t get it in any of the pockets, but i can get it in the main compartment. It would just work better if there were a velcro divider that went the length of the bags interior.
Very happy to pay of course. It would then win best bag in the world should there ever be a competition for such a thing.
Best wishes,

October 2014
From: Ron Boon
Hi Bee
Bag arrived safely today. It is a wonderful work of passion, dedication and tactile beauty. I love it.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity. I will treasure the bag and use it to the fullest
All the best and take care

August 2014
From: Nathan King
Thank you so much for the information. I acquired the Bumble Bee through a private, in-person sale around a year ago. The bag has been my daily companion ever since. It has been on more flights than I can count, and despite constant use the bag still appears almost new. Quite simply, it is the best camera bag I have ever owned. I plan on ordering another from you later this year.
I live in Omaha, NE USA.
Take care,

July 2014
From: Marek Fogiel
Hi bee,
Soprano looks expensive relative to size, but I feel better about it, when I see people queuing down here in front of Hermes shop, to order bags that cost at least 5000EUR, and most likely they will not last as long...
Please, go ahead with both bags, (Encore) …
Take care

August 21, 2013
From: John Owlett
"What good people they are!" said Owl.
Pooh, whose attention had been totally occupied by a honeypot, looked up. "Who are you talking about?" he asked.
"bee berman and Nigel Fogg. They've sent me a wooden owl keyring. That sort of thoughtful action would be completely alien to any other bag maker."
Pooh still didn't understand. "bee and Nigel are aliens?"
"Well, they do live in France."
"Owl," said Rabbit sharply. "You are not Trying To Help. Comments like that will only confuse Pooh."
"Sorry," said Owl.
"'salright," said Pooh, who never expected to understand anything Owl or Rabbit said anyway.
"It's the ideal bag for my minimalist camera kit," said Owl. "My Leica with a 50mm lens goes in one side of the bag; on the other side of the partition, under the flap, there's a 90mm lens; on the top of the lens there are a couple of spare films; and in the front pocket are a tripod quick-release plate and a 30cm cable release. All very compact and tidy.
"At the moment, I've taken to using it without the shoulder strap, because I've just been carrying the kit in the car, and then cutting back to one camera, one lens, one camera cord when I get where I'm going. I'll need the shoulder strap when I take the kit for a walk, but, for me at any rate, the removable shoulder strap is A Good Thing."
"You have checked that it isn't made of pigskin at all, haven't you?" said Piglet, who felt strongly about that sort of thing.
"It's all right; there's no pigskin; it's mostly cotton and linen," said Owl, rather relieved that none of the animals in the Hundred Acre Wood was bovine, "and beautifully finished.
"Merci beaucoup -- et au 'voir -- à nos amis en France.”

November 10, 2005
From: Michael Burns, USA
...anyway, your bags remain the pinnacle of the genre...
top 'o the heap, unassailable, graceful, soft and buttery, enhancing with use,
elegant, functional, good in the hand, reliable...
you must be doing something right...

July 28, 2005
From: Arthur Krick, UK
Solo has landed safely in West Sussex !
My Word ! What a very stylish item it is. I can see that I shall have to smarten myself up somewhat if I am to do it justice! Will now spend many happy hours working out the various optimum outfits that I can now travel with. The detailing is just superb and I particularly like the nicely "grippy" leather that you have faced the inside surface of the shoulder straps with.
Thank you both so much. I will wear it with pride.

July 24, 2005
From: Stephen Jones, UK
Many thanks; the bag is safely in my hands. I am absolutely delighted with it; I read many times This couple make the best camera bags in the world.

This little gem surpasses your reputation. The design is perfect, each little detail is a delight to behold, I love the colour, and the beautiful linen lining, the way that you have incorporated the padding, the strap is so comfortable. And the craftsmanship is superb; I cant find a stitch out of place. It will be my constant travel companion.

July 19, 2005
From: Chuck Katz, USA
Not at all "cheeky" to wonder about the demented personalities and bizarre pastimes/professions of your customers. Certainly the profile of the typical Fogg bag user would not make an exact overlay with that of anyone hewing very closely to the mainstream! How to describe us as a group? Now that would be a fun contest. I began to veer off center a long time ago, perhaps caused by my purchase of a first Fogg bag--the Celia II (#80)--from your days on Wanstead Place. And now look at me--a full-fledged whack-o with seven pieces from Fogg and thinking about a useless (for my purposes only, of course) brief bag just because it is soooooo beautiful and strange! .... I was a corporate lawyer in Seattle for 25 years, specializing in building start-up ventures, and then for several years an executive with a technology firm here in the San Francisco Bay Area. But even during my career days, I always spent a lot of time on photography, which I began seriously at the age of eight(!), reasoning that it was possible to be a warrior and a poet in the same lifetime and at the same time. Must have read too much Chinese literature.

Oh yes, and I do like mountaineering, long-distance walking, and cycling but fortunately do not own as many handmade bicycles as Fogg bags. I did manage, however, to find a chap in Seattle who custom makes back packs that fit ones frame just perfectly, I have been waiting five years for my boots being made by a cobbler in New Hampshire and my pocket knife was made entirely by hand by a chap in the Midwest. I guess you could say I appreciate those who make things well such as you do, so that a user can feel the combination of mind and hand at work rather than just an anonymous object churned out of a factory.

As for the Fogg mindset, I like that you range from something as "practical" as the Celia II to that flight of fancy, the Score, which is as much about attitude as anything I have ever seen! Perhaps that is why I inquired originally about a musette bag. Don't make one! It would be a diversion from the core business and frighten the entire bicycle industry!

Now aren't you sorry you asked?


May 18 , 2005
From: Lloyd Chan, Singapore
I must tell you, the Flute is brilliant! I will try to take some pictures, but I can report that it holds an M with the new 50 Summilux ASPH very snugly with the built-in sliding hood retracted and lens cap fitted. It is not possible to store the camera and lens inside with the hood extended (but I would not want to do that anyway). It really seems to fit this combination perfectly, without any slack!

The 50 ASPH is about 52mm in length, hood retracted, and I believe the Flute can still flex a few more millimeters, but not much. It might accomodate a filter on the lens but I have not tried that.
I think photography has gone from a hobby to a kind of therapy for me!

April 14 , 2005
From: Anders Weber, Denmark
I have been through many bags in my life but my quest for a
camera bag stopped when I acquired yours. I therefore very much look
forward to receiving the briefcase.
Kind regards

Oct 7, 2004
From: Phil Baker
I like the color combination very much. Seems perfect to me considering all of the options. I'm not a fan of the olive color. Overall it's one of the most beautifully design and crafted products I have ever seen. It's a very clever design and holds a lot more than its small size implies. The main compartment is perfectly sized for the popular Macintosh 15 inch notebook.

Jan 1, 2004
From: Bob Stanton
The bag (Viola) performed flawlessly--climbing up and down the hilly Costa Rican coffee plantation towns, photographing the beautiful beaches, and hanging around the semi-rain forest areas on the coast. It was perfect for the Nikon D2H/with the new 12-12mm zoom mounted and an extra moderate telephoto.

Dec 1, 2003
From: Stephen Gilbert, USA
i have just received one of your bags that i purchased second hand. it is bag # 582 and i must tell you how thrilled i am with it. This is clearly the finest bag i have ever owned and a pure joy to delight in its craftsmanship. My Leica will be very happy in its new home. Thanks.

Nov 25, 2003
From: Isaku Higa, USA
I would like you to know that I really appreciate your bags more than I can express in words. I have Forte, b-laika, b-sharp, bee bag and two pouches. They not only give me functions I need and want but also give me joy and fulfillment of being an owner of such a wonderfully crafted bags. Now I am aiming to get one of your Òhold-all bagsÓ! IÕve been through lots of bags but I think your bags are the ones I will end-up staying with.

July 28, 2003
From: Peter Stevens, UK
My b-sharp has arrived and I am delighted. It is an exquisite piece of workmanship which as with my Celia bag I know will give years of service and be my constant companion. Pleased to have tracked you down otherwise i may have been reduced to owning an inferior and less satisfying bag.

July 13, 2003
From: Susanna Wyatt, UK
Well I have been back a while now and have been meaning to email you to rave in print about the SOLO I tramped over sand-dunes, flew miles, trudged along the skeleton coast using a cunning combination of Fogg bags and they were brilliant. I got all three cameras in the SOLO including several lenses, tripod, suntan lotion, essential girly kit, and didnÕt buckle under the weight. It is a very good bag and protects the cameras really well... The velcro ÔstoppersÕ work very well Ð I had them on ÔsilentÕ for the bush and ÔnoiseÕ for airports or public places if I thought anyone was getting into the pockets.

Nov 13, 2002
From: Martin Burridge, UK
I am pleased to be able to write to you and report how pleased I am with the bag you made for me, Cello, number 296. It has already been to Australia, north and south, once, and to seven countries, demonstrating both convenience and durability.

Nov 1, 2002
From: Seymour G Pond, USA
I guess you know you have a lifelong commitment from this customer!

January 8, 2002
From: James Huffman USA
I have a 3-lens G2 system and went thru numerous bags (including an Alice) before settling on a Fogg B-laika. It is eash to get in/out of, with equal/superior build quality. Call the folks at tamarkin (www.tamarkin.com). they are the only folks in the US that sells them. I have faxed/spoken with the owner/designer/sewer of Fogg and he is marvelous, and can even do specials for you. I know this sounds like a Fogg advertisement, but I am so enthusiastic about the bags, I now own 3 (for other systems)....Jim