‘Hand-made’ ...

What’s in a bag? endless possibilities; a format for formulating; an equation; a score to plot the choreography of pieces of cotton canvas, and linen, and leather that dance together to enclose a space.

The patterns for each of the models we make are cardboard battlefields, patched with strips adding millimetres to pockets, to gussets and dividers… Masking tape hides construction points that have been shifted back and forth... and we leave scribbled notes each time we discover a new technique ...

Everything changes, ricochets, suggests something else.

Our work is in orchestrating pieces that play to all our senses… Towards the bag as a mobile concert...

Technical details

from left to right:
pure cotton: black; dark-grey; ivy-green ; stone …
followed by
poly-cotton: mocha ; holy smoke and blue-grey…**
(all served on a bed of our natural linen lining, herringbone linen, and
traditional French stripe pure cotton ticking.)

natural linen

all these colours are matched with our Havana vegetable-tanned leather …
while the black and dark grey fabrics can be paired with black leather detailing…

heavy-weave cotton
buckles & fittings:
solid brass
modern materials:
nylon threads, zips and Velcro fastener

At present the bags are made in eight different colour combinations:  
Serial numbers
Each product is individually numbered and recorded in our atelier log.

FOGG products are guaranteed for five years against defects in materials and workmanship, and excluding maltreatment or alteration.
FOGG products are designed by Nigel Fogg and bee berman.
The FOGG logo is protected under international law: we have, we can and we will take  legal action against all attempts to fraudulently profit from our designs, our work and our reputation...