We make bags for specialists – and have done for twenty five years.

Each bag is still made by hand, and individually numbered.

"Functional, strong and handsome" has been the guiding motto

and as proof of naive zeal many of our early bags are still in use...

Time and hard work have been fine teachers

while exacting and fascinating customers have helped us

to devise luggage which contributes to their projects and their lives...

and thus richly to our own.



"Concerto", the full symphonic hold-all.

Designed with the MacBook computers in mind, the 'Concerto' has been three months in the making and condenses
the best elements of our former 'hold-all' range of large format bags...

With ample space, the 'Concerto' is a multi-pouched and pocketed work-station for the well-organised and the highly productive -
and will project itself as an indispensable companion, into and through those long weekend assignments ...

Time-consuming to make, the two 'Concerto' models will be made in limited numbers.
and since they test our stamina and talents to the full - have to be comfortingly costly…